What students and guides say

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Lonely Planet (2009 edition)
“Cosmic Brontosaurus language school… offering individual or group lessons from beginners to advanced in rather primitive classrooms in a wooden shack along the lake surrounded by banana plants is the perfect spot to learn Nepali. With seven years’ experience working with the UN as a translator, Prem, who runs the school is a lovely guy!”

Royston Robinson, London, UK
“I came to Nepal to learn Tibetan and took Prem’s class for a fun sideline. After the first lesson I was gripped and, after nine months studying intensely with Prem I have signed up to study Nepali at university! Prem made the language fun and really focused on my needs as a linguist so I got exactly what I needed out of lessons. Brilliant!”

Kim Berndsen, Netherlands
“Thank you very much for all the interesting lessons. I loved it a lot. You are inspiring. Dhanyabad! I’m going to practise and come back to show it!”

William Gibson, UK
“Lessons with Prem at Cosmic Brontosaurus are relaxed and good fun. Prem makes sure that the lessons are relevant to your needs whether you are going trekking or working in Pokhara and are tailored to your Nepali language standard (mine was zero at the start). During my spell volunteering at the local Red Cross, I spent 6 months learning with Prem an average of 2 hours a week and enjoyed every minute of it. As with all language learing, you’ll only get out of it what you put into it so practice is key.

As well as specific language pointers (e.g. how do you say “sanitation”?), you will learn a good selection of practical day-to-day phrases, do as much grammar as is necessary and also gain insights into Nepalese culture that are not in the guide books.

All of this and you can also enjoy a nice cup of tea at a chat with him and his wife and family at their restaurant!”.

Philippa Thapa, Nepal
“I have had many, many, many language lessons with Prem and each and every one is not only informative but thoroughly enjoyable. His teaching methods are clear to understand and his examples are always guaranteed to be memorable and funny! I would definitely – and indeed regularly do – recommend Prem’s classes to others arriving in Pokhara looking to learn Nepali. Aside from his amazing linguistic and teaching abilities, Prem is also an extremely dedicated and progressive member of his community, working hard to improve the conditions and opportunities available in his hometown. Essentially, I can’t say enough good things about Prem and his school. You will just have to go there yourself to find out how great it all really is!”.

Eva Vanherp and Johan Schots, Belgium
“Prems’ School in Pokhara, situated in the back of his house near Pewa Lake is the perfect location with a magnificent view. Prem himself is a dynamic person, a passionate teacher with an irresistible smile and endless enthusiasm. During the classes, there is a relaxed ambiance and time for a good chat but nevertheless the class has priority and nothing will stop Prem to deliver excellent work and great results. Prems Cosmic Brontosaur Language Class is a must-do and a unique experience!”.

Jennifer, Montana, USA
“Prem – Thank you for these four Nepali lesson. They have connected many things I head in Ghale Gaun over this last month. When I come back to Nepal I will for sure look you up for more lessons. I will remember your theatrical and animated teaching style which helps me ‘get it!’ Dherai dhanyabad.”

Vivian van Oosterhout, Netherlands
“Thank you so much for your good taking care of me! I learned a lot from you. Hope you will teach much more students. Wish you all the best.”

Pepe Vazquez, Valencia, Spain
“To my guru: Prem-ji. Dherai dhanyabad for all I have learned in these two weeks of Nepali classes, thanks for your amusing class and the way you do [sic] to make Nepali clear to me. Keep your sense of humour and be happy. Timro vidhyarti, Pepe-ji.”

Teru, Japan
“Prem-sam. Thank you very much. I am happy. I will keep practising my English. If I come back to Pokhara I will come back here. Love and peace.”

Volkan Kaya, Netherlands
“Bahadur-ji. Thank you for the lessons you gave us. I think your teaching/mentoring as an introduction to the Nepali language will be useful in the forthcoming three months. I can see you love to teach, to open eyes, to take down the dark curtains of unknowing. Keep enjoying your work and keep doing it with a smile. Dhanyabad.”

Mindy Chiang
“Thank you for teaching me so much Nepali. You are a great teacher.”

Louise Seger, Netherlands
“Thank you for teaching, but also for your hospitality. And thanks for showing us how you make milk tea.”

Marise, France
“J’ai eu un cours tres ‘intensif’ (25 heures en 5 jours) mais j’ai adore ca. Merci pour ta patience, ta joie d’enseigner. Ta famille est adorable. Merci pour ton hospitalite. Je ne vais pas t’oublier, maintenant, la langue Nepalaise est ancree dans moi. Mille mercis.”

Koen, Netherlands
“Prem – Thanks for teaching us. The Nepali people like it when we speak Nepali. Heel erg bedankt.”

Marc, Netherlands
“Prem – Thank you for the nice and useful lessons you gave us. We almost feel like Nepali people now Also many thanks for the nice tea-times, het was erg gezellig!”

Joelle, Netherlands
“Dear Prem. thank you for the interesting lessons. It helped me to learn the Nepali language. I will practise in the village. Heel erg bedankt – dhum dhaam dhanyabad!”

Yannick Jordaan, Netherlands
“Dear Prem-ji. I really liked the lessons. think that I’ve a good base to start learning Nepali. I know enough to start a conversation! Many, many thanks.”

Ilse Smits, Netherlands
“Thank you for all the fun and everything you taught me. You taught me a lot about the culture, language and the way of life in Nepal. Gaan met de banaan.”

Marloes Lucassen, Netherlands
“Ekdam dherai dhanyabad! Thank you very very very much for the great Nepali lessons. You taught us a lot, so I’m going to practise a lot…Syaabaas!”

Katie Sheasby
“Tapaai sab bhandaa man parne guru, Prem hunuhunchha! Thank you for making Nepali fun as well as useful!”

Zack Strasser, New Jerey, USA
“Thank you so much. I really enjoyed coming to Nepali class every morning at the crack of dawn. Your dedication to your students and work is very admirable. I wish you and your family all the best in your future endeavours. I look forward to staying in touch.”

Emily Lawlor, California, USA
“Baph reh baph! We have been so happy to meet you and your beautiful family! We have loved every morning and trying to remember every day. We will faithfully practice while we are here and maybe come back again! Good luck with all o your students.”

Tony Aiuppa, Wisconsin/California, USA
“Prem! I valued the information your taught us. My head is spinning with Nepali words which I will put in order over this next month. I’m pretty sure I was dreaming in Nepali last night and will for nights to come. Thank you so much and your wife as well for keeping us awake with tea and coffee. Good luck with all your work and students. We will come back to test our skills!”