Ways to learn


Courses can last from a single hour to comprehensive programmes over many months, depending on your needs. For an idea, here are some fully flexible suggestions:

  • Taster class – a one hour session to test the water and learn key words and phrases
  • Language basics for travellers – from one to five hours
  • Language essentials for trekking – from one to ten hours
  • Intensives for volunteers – from five hours to two weeks of half days

Short and more comprehensive programmes are designed bespoke to meet your required learning outcomes, so talk about your needs with us.

Courses are normally taught using Latin script transliteration. The Devanagari (Nepali and Hindi) script is, however, much simpler than you may think, so let us know if you’d like to include this in your programme.

Ways to learn

Learn in different styles that suit your preferences:

  • Interactive sessions: conversational, active- earning focusing on speaking and listening
  • Teacher-led: structured, board-work learning focusing on grammar, reading and writing
  • Learning by doing: local field trips where the city becomes the classroom, so you can visit local sites and ‘go live’ with language learning!
  • Online learning: prepare for your trip to Nepal or India, or keep your learning fresh when you return with Skype- and email-based classes

School hours

Classes can be booked from 7am to 7pm any day of the week. Call us to check availability.