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In Nepal, a little bit of local knowledge always goes a long way. And nothing opens more doors than trying out the language. Whether you simply want to get to grips with daily greetings, learn language essentials for trekking, take a short programme or gain full fluency, Cosmic Brontosaurus offers a wide range of engaging learning options for you to reach the level you need in an interactive, unintimidating and enjoyable way.

Your teacher, Prem, is a highly experienced linguist and language teacher. He will tailor your lessons to suit your needs and preferred learning styles. So you can crunch verb tables, get conversational in groups, learn by going on field trip classes – or enjoy any combination of the above!

And we don’t just teach Nepali. The school also offers courses at all levels in Hindi and English.

With hard work and high quality teaching, the Cosmic Brontosaurus School has earned an excellent reputation in Pokhara and beyond. But more than anything it’s Prem’s engaging methods and congeniality that bring students back year after year and even learning over the internet from all corners of the globe. Try it for yourself with a taster class to get you started!

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